Nautical Sports School and Club of Puerto Williams

The non-profit foundation Nautical Sports and Club of Puerto Williams, CEDENA PW, is situated some 600 kilometers (375 miles) south of Punta Arenas and is the only entity of its kind in this remote corner of the world.

CEDENA PW is open to all youth and children of the Cape Horn area and hosts more than 80 students between the ages of 6 and 16, providing them with free swimming, kayaking and sailing lessons. These activities are carried out in a friendly and caring atmosphere that promotes the values of respect, excellence, teamwork and solidarity and instills in participants an appreciation for the environment and an active lifestyle.


WHY, THE DESIRED EFFECT A good start in life requires solid values and well-developed interpersonal skills. Key attributes include autonomy, honesty, perseverance, respect, responsibility, flexibility and open-mindedness. These, along with a healthy ambition, a sense of humor, strength of character, a preference for teamwork, the pursuit of excellence, and a spirit of service and generosity are the foundation for a good life.


Contribute to young people’s education through their participation in our Nautical Sports School and Club, fostering in them essential habits and life skills and encouraging their love for nature and sport


  • Respect We respect others and wish to be respected.
  • Excellence We will be ambitious and will strive each day to be better individuals.
  • Professionalism CEDENA PW will be a professional training enterprise and we will operate in accordance with the highest pedagogical and safety standards.
  • Solidarity Our doors are open to the less fortunate. Here, all will have the opportunity to excel.