Organizational Structure

Club Escuela CEDENA Puerto Williams is administered by a board of directors with full powers of administration and representation. It is composed of three members who are elected by an absolute majority of the directors-in-office.


Club Escuela Deportes Náuticos Cedena Puerto Williams
Rut: 65.097.954 – 0
Organization Type: Non-profit sports foundation

Source Relationship

Aims to help in the education in values through water sports for children and young people of town of Puerto Williams, commune of Cabo de Hornos

Legal entity

On December 04, 2014, the legal entity was registered in the Civil Registry of Punta Arenas under No. 189198

Internal Revenue Service

On January 09, 2015, we entered into the Commencement of Business Register of the Internal Revenue Service which granted us the Tax ID Number: 65.097.954 – 0


On September 01, 2014, it was constituted as a foundation with domicile in the town of Puerto Williams, under the registered name Club Escuela Deportes Náuticos Puerto Williams (CEDENA PW).

Address of the main offices

Guardián Brito n° 215, town of Puerto Williams, municipality of Cabo de Hornos, Magallanes Region, Antártica Chilena Province.

Regata Aniversario N° 70 Puerto Williams. 19, 20 y 21 de noviembre de 2023.