Nicolas Ibañez Scott

Founder – President of the Foundation Chile + Hoy

Our Foundation Chile + Hoy is interested in contributing to the development of a more prosperous country.To achieve this we need young people with strong hearts, with the desire to conquer the world, able to work in a team, developing their own talents and living their freedom with responsability and comittment.

Sailing and water sports in general are a manifestation of multiple virtues, when practiced in a team. Children strengthen values, principles and talents that are foundamental to build up the country that we all want.

Eduardo Cruz Donoso

Managing Director

“The children and young people that today make up the Cedena Puerto Williams family represent the strength, perseverance, courage, discipline and the spirit of improvement  which our society so much needs. They are the symbols of the work we perform as a team to form future good men  and women and, why not, great athletes and sailors of our country.”

Jazmín Lavín Leal


“Those of us who take part in this project are all directly and indirectly linked to the nautical activities and our aim is to share and transmit this passion, because we consider it a space of meeting, of learning, of training and of values, these aspects being for us a lifestyle.”

Roberto Ganter Salazar

Nautical Monitor - Boatswain

“The blessings of life made me drop my anchor at CEDENA Puerto Williams, where I can pass on what they taught me in the Navy, thus contributing
to the development of strong children, who learn every day in our nautical school in this area of Patagonia.”