From January 25 to 30, 2016, within the framework of the 400th anniversary celebration of the discovery of Cape Horn, CEDENA Puerto Williams carried out different activities with girls and boys of the sailing school together with invited children from Panguipulli, Higuerillas and the
city of Hoorn in the Netherlands.

From September 26 to 29, 2016, the International Regatta “Piloto Pardo” was held in tribute to the feat of the sailor Luis Pardo Villalón and of the brave crew of the Yelcho, in commemoration of the 100 th anniversary of the rescue of the expedition of Sir Ernest Shackleton and of the crew of the Endurance in Antarctica.
There were more than 40 children and young people, who not only enjoyed the competition itself, but also had the privilege of being in one of the most amazing scenery of the planet, at the southernmost tip of Chile and of the American continent.

From May 06 to 09, 2020, the nautical event “Regata Fin del Mundo 2018” was held in the bay of Puerto Williams, which aimed to honor the 200 years of the Chilean Navy. More than 50 helmsmen participated in the event, mainly children in the sailing classes Optimist and open in
the Laser classes, together with outstanding national and international athletes, coming from the different nautical schools of the country (Higuerillas, Puerto Varas, Papudo, Valdivia, Reloncaví), as well as from the neighbor city of Ushuaia in Argentina and a representative of

March 2019, first international regatta for cruisers “Cape Horn Challenge Chile”, which is presented in details on this site.